Access Your Needed Medical Data When Abroad

Interoperable eHealth in Europe achieves significant momentum through successful epSOS - CALLIOPE co-operation.


Prague, 18 February 2009,
Today, in Europe, we can see that more and more initiatives are launched at national, regional or local level to enable health professionals to access the medical and medication history of their patients at any time and any place. This access is however often limited by various barriers. European citizens have become more mobile; they travel and work abroad and when they need healthcare away from home it should be delivered based on knowledge of the past medical history.
Member States have taken important steps towards a collaborative approach for resolving this cross-borders issue; the European Commission is supporting such collaboration initiatives through both its policy initiatives and funding instruments.

Currently, through the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), the European Commission is co-funding two collaboration actions aiming at moving forward the agenda for interoperable cross border eHealth: epSOS, a Large Scale Pilot, and CALLIOPE, a European Thematic Network. Both initiatives are joining their forces in a strategic complementary approach:

  • epSOS (Smart Open Services for European Patients) is developing interoperable Patient Summaries and ePrescription services to be piloted within the three years life time of the project; a long term perspective is guaranteed by the commitment of the participating Member States, and
  • CALLIOPE (Call for Interoperability) is supporting this process by providing a European platform for open dialogue and strategic collaborations with relevant stakeholders to further advance the development of interoperable eHealth services and facilitate their adoption.

These projects are working in close collaboration with the eHEALTH INTEROP project launched by three European Standardisation organisations (CEN, CENELEC and ETSI) with the support of the European Commission with the view to enable the market to deliver interoperable solutions.