Comparative analysis of eHealth in Austria

eHealth in Austria is facing similar challenges to those found in other European countries. Empirica expert Jörg Artmann has recently published an analysis of eHealth in Austria, based on the insights available from the eHealth Strategies study. The set-up of the competence centre ELGA plc and the adoption of IHE profiles are two examples that show how Austria is part of a larger European trend to formalise administrative structures and to adopt international standards. On legal issues, Austria has been a frontrunner, being the first country to have transposed European legislation on digital signatures. The full analysis (in German) is available at the following link: Artmann, J., Stroetmann, K., Giest, S.: In guter Gesellschaft. ÖKZ Das österreichische Gesundheitswesen.51. Jg., 10; 2010.