eHealth Benchmarking the second phase study to develop eHealth benchmarking at European level was awarded to empirica

After having successfully won the call for tender on the study for the first phase (Pilot on eHealth Indicators), a study including a survey of more than 6000 General Practitioners in all European countries which will be completed by empirica in March 2008, also the second study in a series of three linked studies to develop eHealth benchmarking at European level was awarded to empirica. The study will cover all 27 EU Member States plus Norway and Iceland as well as Canada and the USA
The study will conduct background research and review existing measurement tools and systems for ICT for Health, as well as available eHealth statistics, in order to establish a framework for data compilation and to make progress towards the future establishment of an effective eHealth benchmarking system in Europe, collect the data on an agreed set of eHealth related phenomena from existing sources including professional bodies and regional and national ministries. The study will compile data from existing sources rather than generate original data and – depending on the data availability – provide a measurement for each of the agreed indicators in each country, identify, analyse and report good practice in developing and applying eHealth measurements and benchmarking frameworks for informing policy-making (in all 29+2 countries), and develop and deliver 29(+2) Country Briefs summarising key results for each of the European countries and plus Canada and the USA and make all study results available through a dedicated Online Knowledge Base. Thus this study will significantly enhance the capacity of the i2010 initiative to achieve its goals in relation to monitoring and benchmarking eHealth, a key aspect of information society developments in the old and the New Member States.