eHealth for Safety final report is released

V. N. Stroetmann, J.-P. Thierry, K. A. Stroetmann, A. Dobrev eHealth for Safety - Impact of ICT on Patient Safety and Risk Management 25 September 2007 eHealth, the beneficial application of ICT-based systems and solutions, has been identified as potentially the key enabler to fundamentally improve patient safety in clinical contexts. This is why the European Commission launched the eHealth for Safety study at the beginning of 2006. It will help European policy-makers, and particularly research policy deci-sion-makers, to understand more completely the potential role of information and communica-tions technology (ICT) in making European patients’ experiences more safe, sound, and secure. The study’s contribution is to enrich the comprehensiveness of our knowledge of how ICT tools can help.

Download the final report here.

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