EHR IMPACT case studies presented at high-level conferences

Two EHR IMPACT case studies were presented at this year’s TeleMed & eHealth 2008 Conference of the British Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) in London. The example of the implementations at the University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland, illustrated how integration of computerised patient records can optimise patient care at hospitals. Evidence from the Scottish Emergency Care Summary Programme demonstrated how nationwide sharing of medical information can improve out of hour and emergency care. The presentations are available in the download section.
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After official approval by the European Commission, the reports on the conceptual framework of interoperable electronic health record (EHR) and ePrescribing systems and the methodology for evaluating the socio-economic impact of such systems are now available for download.
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The socio-economic impact analysis of the Scottish Emergency Care Summary Programme, as one of EHR IMPACT’s ten case studies, was presented at the World of Health IT 2008 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Despite an early start following various conference social events, more than 50 delegates showed their interest in the subject. The presentation is available at the download section of this site.
See the study presentations