empirica expert invited by the Greek government to consult on ePrescription

On May 27, 2011, the Greek Ministry of the Interior, Decentralisation and eGovernment organised a national planning workshop on “ePrescription: European Best Practices, Lessons Learned and Implementation Plan for Greece.” The meeting was attended by two ministers, several secretaries of state, special secretaries, and various high level administration and stakeholder representatives. The opening key note on “ePrescription in Europe: Concepts, Experience and Strategic Recommendations” was given by Dr. Karl A. Stroetmann, Senior Research Fellow with empirica.

As part of European and global support to stabilise the Greek economy, the so-called Troika of International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Union (EU) and European Central Bank (ECB) has required the Greek Government to advance its national eHealth strategy and develop an implementation plan for ePrescription in the context of a national health information system. It is expected that this will fundamentally contribute to increased efficiency and cost savings by the Greek healthcare system. In four parallel sessions, further details to achieve fast progress on such an extended journey towards a national eHealth infrastructure were discussed. The results of the workshop will form the basis for the next steps to be undertaken.