Financing eHealth workshop and final report

The Financing eHealth study is now completed. After months of hard work, collecting information and opinions from the literature, from group discussions and workshops, as well as face to face interviews with leading experts, the study team has completed the final study report, as well as a number of supporting reports focusing on specific aspects of the findings. The reports are available for download in the respective section of the Financing eHealth website.
See the study presentations.

The second Financing eHealth workshop, ”Procuring for health benefits: critical factors for beneficial deployment of innovative eHealth and telemedicine services”, took place at the World of Health IT 2008 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. With input from more than 40 selected experts, the workshop was a tremendous success and provided useful input to the study. Further, the European Commission was provided with valuable input regarding the planning of further research activity and funding.
The Commission’s dissemination of the report to the workshop has triggered extensive interest in the eHealth news media: see and The report itself is available on the Commission’s web pages and at the download section of the Financing eHealth site.
See the workshop 2008.