HealthGrid 2009 conference empirica consultant presents on "Economic Performance and Sustainability of HealthGrids"

For three days, until July 1st, Berlin became the centre of attention for those interested in HealthGrid technology in Europe. The conference, hosted by the German „Telematikplattform für Medizinische Forschungsnetze“ (TMF e.V.), was a platform to present the latest developments in the field. A lot of European Commission funded projects like Health-e-Child and @neurIST, as well as a group of Virtual Physiological Human projects are embracing the opportunities offered by the utilisation of Grid technologies in life sciences. HealthGrids facilitate the processing and storage of the exploding amounts of data in bioinformatics, medical informatics, and healthcare in general, but the goals reach further – extracting new meaning and knowledge from this data.
In this context, empirica consultant Alexander Dobrev presented on “Economic Performance and Sustainability of HealthGrids”, based on evidence from a study commissioned by TMF e.V. The study involved the analysis of 22 HealthGrid projects worldwide, and detailed case study assessments of an example from imaging (MammoGrid) and one in the field of drug discovery (WISDOM).
Download the presentation “Economic Performance and Sustainability of HealthGrids