Invitation to the European Good Practice in eHealth Workshop - Systems and Applications for Hospitals at WHIT 07

Deloitte, together with empirica and the European Commission, will present an upbeat view of the Exchange of Good Practices in eHealth during a half day free of charge workshop in Vienna. The session will take place on 22nd of October from 14.00 to 18.00 CET. In this workshop 5 good eHealth cases will be presented, covering a wide range of eHealth implementations. Topics covered amongst other are the development and implementation of an electronic patient record, the implementation of a resource planning tool in order to manage and streamline activities, the gradual adoption and benefits of a medical data secured internet transmission service connecting laboratories, GPs, patients, specialists, hospitals, private clinics, elderly houses, the development of alternative communication channels to attract medical professionals to continuous medical education and last but not least the importance of information systems in order to manage hospitals, based on knowledge instead of guesses.

This workshop will be complemented by market review of the state of art in this field so to answer the important question: are Europe's hospitals ready for eHealth? This information is covered by the Health Information Network Europe (HINE) hosted by Deloitte.

In the last section of the workshop we would like to have a Look at the Future focusing on the Vision of IT and eHealth from an industry perspective, and how to align Vision with the Healthcare Reality.

The final objective of the workshop is to show and present selected good eHealth hospital cases, in order to share knowledge and learn from their success factors and failure factors and to conclude how vision, leadership and sustainability can be realised with the involvement of the different health care stakeholders.

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