New publication by the European Commission on securing benefits from interoperable Electronic Health Record

After presenting a sneak-preview at the joint Ministerial eHealth conference and World of Health IT conference and exhibition in March 2010, the European Commission (EC) has now published the full version of its latest publication, “Interoperable eHealth is Worth it - Securing Benefits from Electronic Health Records and ePrescribing”. The paper provides insights into the real socio-economic and financial impact of eHealth, uncovered by the recent EC study EHR IMPACT. The empirical evidence is based on eleven case studies from across Europe and beyond – Scotland, Kronoberg in Sweden, Kolín-Čáslav in the Czech Republic, Geneva Switzerland, Lombary in Italy, Rhône-Alpes in France, Bulgaria, Andalusia in Spain, Israel, and Evanston in the USA. The bottom line is that health information systems can play an important role in securing economic sustainability and improving the quality of healthcare provision. However, realising the potential is by no means easy – a context-dependent strategic perspective, long planning cycles, and technical and semantic interoperability are among the factors that need to be in place for success.

The report can be downloaded from the EHR IMPACT website or from the EC information centre. For a printed copy, please contact For content issues, email