The ICT & Ageing project publishes Preliminary Findings

On the occasion of the e-Inclusion Ministerial Conference in Vienna/Austria (30 Nov–2 Dec, 2008) the ICT & Ageing project, coordinated by empirica, presents a new report on the conditions for development of ICT & Ageing markets in Europe. The document presents preliminary outcomes of the ongoing study “ICT & Ageing – Users, Markets and Technologies”, conducted on behalf of the European Commission’s DG Information Society & Media. The main focus of the empirical and analytical work carried out so far has been on identifying barriers hindering uptake of technologies directed towards the support of independent living and delivery of home care to older people.
The document presents an overview of key findings that have been generated throughout the first phase of the overall project. It describes some key features of the current marketplace for technologies directed towards independent living, presents the baseline situation concerning current market development in 16 countries (14 EU Member States and 2 others, US and Japan), discusses key market drivers and barriers identified, and mentions policy related conclusions that can be drawn on the basis of the evidence available at this stage of the research process.
The document, and more in-depth information about each of the countries analysed, can be found on the project website:

To present the report to a wider public, a project presentation was given at the Ministerial e-Inclusion Conference