Wellcome & Nuffield Trust EHR Symposium

An expert symposium concerned with "Critical Issues for Electronic Health Records" was co-hosted by The Nuffield Trust and The Wellcome Trust - see also its announement on ELECTRONIC PATIENT RECORDS AND DATABASES IN RESEARCH at www.wellcome.ac.uk/node2168.html on November 27-28, 2007 in London, UK.
The objectives of this sysmposium were to share evidence and opinion on a range of issues affecting the use of electronic health records and their implications for providers, patients and society as a whole. It was attended by invited experts form Canada, USA, UK. From Continental Europe, empirica experts Dr. Veli N. Stroetmann (EHR and Patient Safety) and Dr. Karl A. Stroetmann (Socio-Economic Impacts of EHR Systems) were invited. Karl's prepared presentation can be downloaded here (Link auf anliegende Datei setzen).
In 2008, results of the Symposium and other research will be published by the Trusts who commissioned this work to explore the health policy perspective of Electornic Health Record systems.