What use do European General Practitioners make of eHealth? A EU-wide survey is underway to provide uptodate figures

Three quarters of European General Practitioners in the EU15 were already active internet users and online in 2002, as was revealed by a Eurobarometer survey. This is in line with global results presented by a recent Commonwealth Fund study. In the European eHealth Action Plan of 2004, "Benchmarking" is mentioned as a key action point: "Progress also needs to be measured." It is against this background that the EC has commissioned in 2007 a study to collect and analyse up-to-date data on these issues. empirica, Bonn (Germany) is coordinator of this 29-country study to representatively measure the use of ICT by primary care physicians in EU and EEA countries. Topics covered concern not only their use of ICT and Internet for administrative purposes, but particularly their ways and means of communication with patients, between primary and secondary care and other eHealth agencies, and key enablers and barriers.

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