World Health Day 2011 on antibiotics resistance

Today is World Health Day (WHD) 2011.

The theme of this year’s WHD is antimicrobial resistance, which is a lead topic of the European Union supported research project DebugIT. The project builds IT tools that can have significant impact on surveillance and control of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistances in Europe. The leader of the Clinical Advisory Board is Professor Didier Pittet, WHO expert on patient safety. empirica was instrumental in assembling the project consortium and is a key partner with responsibilities for impact assessment, dissemination and exploitation.

The DebugIT news page reports that according to official estimations of the WHO, every year 25,000 people in the EU die due to infectious diseases resistant to antibiotics acquired in health care settings. “Without new and effective antibiotics, but with increasing resistance, society could return to the conditions of a pre-antibiotic era”, the WHO reports. This shows the relevance and importance of research projects such as DebugIT, which have the potential to facilitate the fight against this rather gloomy scenario.

Please visit the World Health Day website and the WHO Patient Safety website for brochures, a video, press kit and posters.