An EHTEL success story: the INDEPENDENT pilot in Ireland

INDEPENDENT was invited by EHTEL to submit a success story for presentation on the EHTEL website. The Dublin pilot was chosen to be the first INDEPENDENT success story for ETHEL since the pilot builds upon a fully up and running telecare service provided to people with dementia which was successfully evaluated in 2009. In INDEPENDENT, an ethically and robust communication system is being set up that allows data generated through the "standard" telecare service package being exploited in a more effective and efficient manner, by systematically sharing them across different organisations/actors involved in home care of people with dementia.

Further success stories will probably follow once the evaluation of the pilots is completed.

EHTEL, together with associations representing telehealth users and industrials, are starting to collect such stories with the view to consolidate, publish them and present them to politicians in support of a message titled “Telehealth in support to integrated care”.

The Dublin success story can be downloaded here.