empirica health technology assessment methodology presented at key European Health Informatics conference

The leading European scientific eHealth conference, "Medical Informatics Europe - MIE2011” (http://www.mie2011.org/), took place  in Oslo from August 28 to 31, 2011 and empirica's Dr. Karl Stroetmann http://www.empirica.com/empirica/mitarbeiter/kstroetmann_en.htm and Dr. Rainer Thiel  presented a paper on "Assessing Biocomputational Modelling for Transforming Clinical Guidelines of Osteoporosis Management", which has also been published in the conference proceedings. As part of the Osteoporotic Virtual Physiological Human Project (VPHOP: www.vphop.eu/ - , empirica is pioneering a new evaluation approach to assess ex ante basic and applied research results so as to guide their further development towards better meeting the needs of clinicians in predicting osteoporotic fractures and designing optimal treatment paths. This implies hitherto not yet tackled methodological challenges, particularly overcoming the insufficiency of conventional Health Technology Assessments for such purposes.