EU Workshop on Market Barriers for Uptake of ICTs for Independent Living and Active Ageing at Home

As part of the ICT+Ageing study, empirica will organise an expert workshop on "Market Barriers for Uptake of ICTs for Independent Living and Active Ageing at Home" to take place at the European Commission, DG Information Society and Media, on 22 July 2008.
The main goal of the ICT+Ageing study is to identify and understand the market barriers which currently hinder uptake of ICT for independent living and active ageing in Europe. The study seeks to contribute towards policy action which will effectively tackle existing barriers, thereby helping to unleash ICT's potential to contribute to Europe's capacity for dealing with the demographic challenge.
The study looks into the situation in 14 EU Member States plus USA and Japan with regard to market structures, recent and emerging developments, and policy response. It will identify and analyse good practice and show how Europe can learn from the experience in individual countries. On the basis of the analysis, recommendations for action are to be developed in order to remove barriers for uptake and to foster market development. The results of the study will also guide the way towards further research needs in this area.
At the Brussels workshop, the findings from the first round of data gathering at national level will be presented. The discussion is to focus on the need for policy action, especially insofar as the EU level is concerned, for promoting diffusion of innovative applications of ICT for active ageing.
Workshop participation is by invitation only. If you are interested in attending, please send a mail, indicating your area of expertise and the organisation you represent, to karsten.gareis AT

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