Making integrated social and health care provision a reality - CommonWell pilots started

[Bielefeld, Malaga, Veldhoven, Milton Keynes. 1 February 2011] - In four countries in Europe, CommonWell's integrated social and health care services are now being piloted to determine how integration improves the efficiency and quality of services and ultimately the quality of life of older people and people with chronic disease. The pilots are the culmination of two years of development and implementation work carried out by the project consortium and expectations are high. Information and Communication Technologies play a key role in each pilot and are used in different ways to support the provision of integrated services.

The use cases that have been implemented cover a wide range of service scenarios:

  • co-operation between different social care and healthcare providers to improve hospital admission and discharge of older patients in Bielefeld, Germany,
  • improved communication between the social alarms call centre and the ambulance service to increase the effectiveness of emergency response in Andalucía in Spain,
  • integrate social and healthcare services in Veldhoven in the Netherlands, focusing on patients with chronic heart failure, and
  • early supported discharge of COPD patients in Milton Keynes in the UK.

The services will be piloted until autumn 2011.

Find the full press release here.