ProeHealth Final Report Now Available

The ProeHealth study has now come to an end. The aim of the ProeHealth study was to enhance the procurement of ICT solutions for healthcare by providing guidelines to decision makers and procurers within public healthcare authorities and care delivery organisations. These guidelines are intended to help decision makers and procurers to conduct consistent and systematic planning processes when strategic considerations point to adopting eHealth solutions and how to transfer the planning to the procurement specification and process.

The study's results have been collated in a final report. The report includes:

  • the lessons learnt from the 10 good practice case studies,
  • guidelines for procurers and decision makers based on these lessons,
  • a step-by-step guide to the different phases of procurement for eHealth solutions
  • and recommendations to the European Commission on how to further support the investment in, and deployment of eHealth solutions and services.

The final report's findings were validated via an exchange with experts and key players at a dedicated validation workshop. The results of the workshop's discussion have been integrated into the final report and have influenced the guidelines and recommendations. A summary of key workshop discussions can be found in the report's annex.