Ten4Health project "citizen services for borderless healthcare in the European Union" presented at the Conference 2008

Mag. Karl Wulz from the regional hospital (Landeskrankenhaus) Villach in Austria and Werner B. Korte, empirica presented the Ten4Health project on citizen services for borderless healthcare in the European Union at the European Ministerial eHealth Conference 2008. They concrete example they provided the audience with came from the above hospital. It clearly showed that through the use of the Ten4Health online insurance status verification service and the online billing and reimbursement services provided by the Ten4Health project and piloted in the above hospital the period of payment to the hospital could be reduced dramatically. With the new services in operation the duration is down to a maximum of two months compared to 24-36 months before. Mag. Karl Wulz, business director of the hospital concluded that the Ten4Health service is a true pan-European healthcare service, convenient for patients, hospitals and health insurer, covering "online insurance status verification" and "online billing/reimbursement", resulting in a reduction of admin work for patients, hospital and health insurer, fast and reliable payments and no unsuccessful claims. In addition it also provides positive PR for the hospital ("hospital of choice") and the health insurer ("health insurer of choice") and therefore can be seen as a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved and the European citizen.