The secrets of eHealth success

empirica recognised as valuable source of eHealth market development insights

Dr Karl Stroetmann’s talk given at the EHTEL/EUROREC symposium held as part of the World of Health IT 08 conference was highlighted by Jon Hoeksma, editor of the leading eHealth news platform eHealth Europe and the associated eHealth Insider newsletter.
Drawing from the wealth of experience gained from years of research for the European Commission and many other organisations, empirica’s Dr Stroetmann shared some crucial insights on succeeding with eHealth projects.
While warning against too high expectations of cash-release benefits for the parties making the investment, Dr Stroetmann made clear that important “benefits across the healthcare system and for patients can be achieved”. Looking at lessons learnt from projects, such as in Scotland and Chicago, he said that the following factors are an essential part of successful eHealth projects:

  • "a vision, combined with a flexible and pragmatic longer-term strategy"

  • main actors having previous experience with ICT use, such as working with legacy systems

  • "small iterative steps" towards implementation and routine operation rather than "big bang approaches"

  • "securing clinicians’ buy-in" and engagement from the outset

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The slides of Dr. Stroetmann's presentation on "Assessing socio-economic and clinical benefits from eHealth solutions - approach and evidence" can be seen here.