The Swiss Medical Informatics journal publishes article with empirica insights on the Swiss eHealth strategy

In 2009, empirica performed a critical review of the Swiss eHealth strategy, with a special emphasis on progress in the financing and incentive structures sub-project, for the Swiss Department of Health (Bundesamt für Gesundheit). Based on its rich international expertise and insights from European Commission eHealth studies such as EHR IMPACT, eHealth Strategies, and Financing eHealth, empirica drafted concrete recommendations on actions for ensuring a successful implementaton of the Swiss eHealth strategy. A key message for the Swiss situation is the importance to formulate healthcare priorities which guide the development of eHealth solutions, instead of letting eHealth guide healthcare priorities. Another specific suggestion is to link financial incentives not just to implementation, but also to cost-benefit analyses for individual stakeholders and society as a whole. The full article is published in the Journal Swiss Medical Informatics 2010 (Issue 68).