The TEN4Health project has been presented in the eTEN News Q4/2008

15 January 2009 - The article published refers to the TEN4Health workshop on 9 September 2008 in Kiel, Germany. This workshop was the project's mid-term event and focused on concrete steps towards improving pan-European healthcare provision and on policy needs to accelerate European integration also in this field. Representatives of the European Commission and of the European Parliament have highlighted the TEN4Health project as an example for improving cross-border healthcare services in Europe. The TEN4Health project contributes towards improved healthcare provision for mobile European Union citizens. Initiated by leading public health insurance providers, the TEN4Health service package assures access of citizens to healthcare in participating Member States' hospitals, based on a secure web service and its integration into developing European eHealth infrastructure networks. The hospitals are located in areas with heavy cross-border tourism, like the town of Villach in Austria or the Veneto region in Northern Italy.
See the eTEN Newsletter Quarter 4 - 2008

eTEN is supporting the deployment of trans-European e-services in the public interest. The programme aimed to accelerate the take-up of services to sustain the European social model of an inclusive, cohesive society. TEN4Health is being funded as one of the projects in the eHealth area.