EU workshop on Fostering Global Collaboration of European Companies

The high-level workshop, organised by the NewGlobal project on 16 September, 2008 in Brussels, will gather together experts and policy-makers to discuss strategies for fostering global, ICT-based collaboration by European Companies.
There is now a wealth of evidence which suggests that businesses can derive significant benefits from collaborating internationally. The ongoing trend towards economic globalisation also means that EU competiveness will only be sustained if a larger share of our businesses collaborate at a global level. Doing so, however, implies a number of challenges, which partly explains why many companies refrain from global engagement.
ICT-based tools for collaboration across distance have the potential of overcoming many of the traditional limits and barriers to global collaboration. At the same time, successful implementation of virtual collaborations technologies presents a challenge itself.
The NewGlobal study, which is commissioned by the European Commission and in which empirica is a partner, explores how ICT-supported collaborative work environments can be deployed for enabling successful globalisation strategies of EU companies, with the ultimate goal of achieving significant economic and employment gains for the benefit of European economies and societies.
The study has collected empirical evidence through case studies in EU-based multi-national businesses and through a representative business survey targeted at globally active SMEs in selected high-tech sectors in 8 Member States. NewGlobal has also taken stock of the state-of-the art in academic research on ICT-based international business collaboration.
At the workshop, key findings of this research will be presented with a view to discuss and agree on policy recommendations to be targeted at the policy-making process at EU as well as Mamber State levels. Additional target groups include the Social Partners and the European Statistical System.
Workshop participation is by invitation only. If you are interested in attending, please send a mail, indicating your area of expertise and the organisation you represent, to karsten.gareis AT


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