Two new reports: Understanding and measuring transformative use of ICTs in Europe's regions

The TRANSFORM project, which is coordinated by empirica, explores the conditions for transformative use of ICTs by European regions as well the ways in which such use can be measured and benchmarked. TRANSFORM published two public reports on the occasion of the Annual Conference of the European Regional Information Society Association (eris@), which took place in Newport, Wales on 11-13 June.
The first document is the draft summary of key insights obtained through the research conducted in TRANSFORM. The document also includes recommendations to various target groups, including policy-makers at regional and EU level. The authors invite all interested parties to comment on the draft. Please send your comments to karsten.gareis AT The final version of the document will become available in late July 2008.
SFR Draft Version.pdf.
A second new document ("Towards Measuring Transformative Use of ICT") introduces and discusses a number of indicators which the project has assessed and which we suggest for measurement of transformational use of ICTs at regional level. The document includes recommendations for the adoption of these indicators within the context of a regional Information Society observatory or benchmarking exercise.
TRANSFORM used the Newport conference, arguably Europe's most important get-together on Information Society development at regional level, to discuss the study's main findings with representatives from the regions as well as other stakeholders. The slides of the presentations by Karsten Gareis (introduction and survey results) and James Cornford (case study results) are available at the conference website.