Sectoral e-Business Watch 2008 illustrates impact of ICT and e-business on European industries

The 2008 Sectoral e-Business Watch studies analyse the dynamic developments in ICT adoption and e-business activities in the European Union. The studies cover six sectors of the European economy: chemical, rubber and plastics; steel; furniture; retail; transport and logistics; and banking. The other studies analyse specific ICT topics: RFID adoption, intellectual property protection in ICT firms, ICT and energy use, ICT adoption and impact, and an assessment of the current situation in e-health standards. The studies are based on surveys with more than 5,300 interviews, econometric analyses, case studies and expert interviews. A key result is that ICT innovation was found to be linked with increased turnover in companies of all sectors. The studies also found that ICT and e-business have strong strategic potential for enabling new business models, influencing value chains and increasing process efficiencies. The multitude of empirical evidence delivered by the Sectoral e-Business Watch studies provides further comprehensive conclusions. Please visit for detailed results.