Steel and e-business - a robust relationship

ICT is important for the steel industry. It can increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer relationships. The study also found that the steel industry does not lag behind other manufacturing industries. ICT and e-business adoption in steel firms is similar to the furniture and chemicals industries, which contradicts the industry’s old-fashioned image. As regards impacts of ICT, almost two thirds of the large steel companies reported that ICT use has increased competition in the sector. More than 40% of the medium-sized and large steel firms confirmed considerable ICT impact on skills requirements. ICT may have high future impacts, too. Steel firms representing 80% of the industry’s employment foresee ICT impacts on logistics, 75% on management and controlling. However, current policy activities lack ICT focus. They may not adequately reflect the importance of ICT for the steel industry. Further information about the study and its findings are available from