Our Staff

Excellent, motivated researchers and consultants make our company thrive and provide the highest quality service and research to our clients and partners.

Multi-disciplinary expertise and experience are our vital assets

empirica’s staff offers a wealth of knowledge, experience, expertise and talent ranging from economics, political science, sociology and geography to computer science, innovation management, engineering and medicine. On this basis we provide unique value to our clients. A supportive working environment enables effective knowledge transfer within the company.

We are thoroughly international

Our staff makes us thoroughly international. We can work in more than 15 languages, and, coming from some 10 countries, we bring a rich understanding of the world’s diverse cultural settings to our international research. The empirica global Network for Innovation Research – ENIR ( is active in many international projects and links out to a wider circle of more than 500 experts, covering more than 40 countries.

Contracts we lead are typically executed with several selected partners or subcontractors. Large collaborative projects can have over 50 partner organisations. empirica partners come from all over Europe and the world.

empirica teams drive the largest of projects to success

empirica manages project work and contracts from very small to very large scale: from a few days consultancy delivering specific expertise demanded by an individual client to coordinated large-scale actions, typically at European level, with budgets in excess of 20 million Euro and requiring more than two years to deliver all results.

Picture with the entire empirica at the 25th empirica Anniversary, September 2014, Schloss Drachenburg
25th empirica Anniversary, September 2014, Schloss Drachenburg