In CircularPSP, eight cities will invest €5.64 million in a Research and Development innovation procurement to solve the operational, information and organisational challenge to transition towards Circular Economy (CE).

Genomic Data Infrastructure

The GDI project is designed to support the European 1+ Million Genomes (1+MG) Initiative by driving the development, deployment and operation of sustainable data-access infrastructures to foster and maintain trust in cross-border access to highly sensitive personal data.


The study will support SITRA, the Finnish Innovation Fund, in its mission to promote Finland’s competitiveness and its use of health data.
Digital Health


The study focuses on the secondary use of health data in electronic health records and highlights the regulatory and legal frameworks as well as implementation aspects in five study countries: Finland, France, Netherlands, the United Kingdom (NHS England) and Portugal.
Digital Health


INCAREHEART brings together 8 partners from public and private domain for pre-commercial procurement of ICT enabled integrated care solutions to advance health and care in patients with chronic heart failure.
Digital Health


procuRE tackles the common challenge of achieving 100% Renewable Energy Supply (RES) in existing stock. The project brings together 6 procurers from 6 countries to invest over €7 million in R&D.


The objective of the study was to empirically analyse the degree of digitisation of selected EU health systems, provide a comparative presentation and prepare an interpretative analysis to assess the state of digital health system in Luxembourg.
Digital Health


As subcontractor of a consortium led by European Schoolnet, we are in charge of identifying relevant digital competences and employment initiatives in all 27 Member States and beyond, and building a digital skills and jobs platform for DG CNET.
eSkills & Work

Gravitate Health

GRAVITATE HEALTH is a an integrated digital health information project, with 40 partners from Europe and the US.
Digital Health


The mission of HEDIMED is to find out prevention for immune-mediated diseases, including type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, asthma and allergies. This will be accomplished by identifying the environmental exposures contributing to the development of these diseases.
Digital Health


During this 12 month study, baseline data was collected through a comprehensive reusable online survey tool, which will allow measuring progress on the development of interoperable EHR systems in the future.
Digital Health

Smart Rural 21

The Smart Rural project was a two and a half-year project supported by the European Commission (DG AGRI) with the overall aim to promote and inspire villages to develop and implement smart village approaches and strategies across Europe.
Inclusive Society
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