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ASSESS-DHT drives Europe’s Digital Health Technologies adoption with a novel framework. Consortium includes HTA bodies, academia, patients, and industry. Aiming for unified market, we’ll create comprehensive assessments and a sustainable repository for evidence and collaboration.
Digital Health


EDC-MASLD investigates EDC impact on the prevalent liver disease, MASLD, using the European NAFLD Registry. Exploring interactions with sex, genotype, diet, and lifestyle, the consortium aims to identify mechanisms and contribute to protective regulatory actions for human
Research & Innovation


ENT1DEP learns links among enterovirus infections and type 1 diabet.Key aspects include β-cell vulnerability,individual susceptibility,and risk mitigation through vaccines and antivirals.The goal is early intervention,with broad applications in non-communicable disease prevention
Research & Innovation


SMASH-HCM develops a digital-twin platform for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, improving stratification and care. Integrating dynamic models, three-level phenotyping approach for swift clinical adoption. SMASH-HCM aims for improved insights and a validated HCM management strategy
Research & Innovation


xShare enables easy health data sharing through European EHRxF, aligning with EU’s Digital Decade. Coordinated by MedCom and HL7 Europe, it involves six key SDOs and national eHealth centers for adoption across 13 EU and EFTA states.
Digital Health
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TunES aligns 7 national Energy Agencies to enhance building energy efficiency.Technical Support Team aids Member States in EPC, SRI implementation across 5 building blocks. Result: 7 national policy measure packages vetted for impact, stakeholder reactions, with EU-level guidance


In CircularPSP, eight cities will invest €5.64 million in a Research and Development innovation procurement to solve the operational, information and organisational challenge to transition towards Circular Economy (CE).
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DYNAMO creates a data-driven solution for care pathways during health threats. Procured by Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and the UK, it guides stakeholders, emphasizing adaptability and cross-sectoral data sharing.Supplier evaluations ensure cost-effectiveness and functionality
Digital Health


INITIALISE project explores early-life immune system maturation using biobanks. Investigating environmental impacts on allergies and autoimmunity, it combines large studies, functional investigations, and a clinical study for personalised disease prevention.
Research & Innovation
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XpanDH, enhances digital health interoperability in Europe using EEHRxF. It builds capacity, develops technical specs, and establishes a pan-European ecosystem. With 26 actors, it aims for real-world verification, sustainability, and a European Health Union.
Digital Health


The study supports the European Commission’s DG GROW in its mission to protect EU citizens from the deadly risks of asbestos exposure. Despite strict regulations in the EU’s Asbestos at Work Directive and the Waste Framework Directive, which protect those who work with asbestos
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Digital Health Uptake (DHU)

DHU advances EU digital health by aligning policies, fostering cooperation, and building capacity. Objectives include monitoring uptake, creating a cooperative environment, and strengthening tools. DHU’s Radar analyzes innovation, offering twinning activities and training.
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