Digital Transformation

Empirica conducted the study on development of a European Strategy on Digital Transformation. The strategy document was completed to support Mobile World Capital Barcelona in its European business strategy development process.
eSkills & Work

Skills and Competences

With this project Empirica supported the EIT to build the foundations and pave the way to become a key player in innovation, entrepreneurship education and training in Europe not only focusing on higher education and research but reaching beyond.
eSkills & Work


The study was part of an extensive international comparison of health care systems with the focus on “digitisation”. The overall objective was to collect and evaluate data on the status, level of use and key success criteria for effective digitisation strategies.
Digital Health


This project aims to promote IT organisational and management frameworks together with IT professionalism in support of the digital transformation of enterprises in Europe.
eSkills & Work


The aim of this service contract is to provide a key contribution to the development and the promotion of digital organizational frameworks and IT professionalism in support of the digital transformation of enterprises in Europe.
eSkills & Work


The study analyses the health policy context and its reflection in the eHealth strategy. Moreover, it collects and analyses empirical data and other evidence on intended and actual usage of eHealth infrastructure services, tools and applications.
Digital Health


This study provides comprehensive data on retail prices of mobile broadband offers for consumers in the EU28, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, and the USA. It follows the 2012 OECD methodology for mobile broadband prices calculation.
Research & Innovation


The study gathered information on, analyses and critically assesses the transposition measures undertaken by Member States in relation to Art. 118a of Directive 2001/83/EC concerning the entry of falsified medicinal products into member state health systems.
Digital Health


This project for the EC carried out an analysis and a benchmarking of public policies and public-private partnerships, and made recommendations for scaling up best practices and re-focusing funding programmes and incentives in Europe, specifically related to high-tech skills.
eSkills & Work


The project diversITy identifies and analyses the large variety of ICT training programs that aim to prepare and place jobseekers into meaningful tech jobs, with a focus on diverse target groups, including women, vulnerable youth with low educational achievement.
eSkills & Work


Empirica, as part of the consortium for the project, was chosen by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to carry out accompanying research and evaluate the large SINTEG programme, which sets out to showcase large-scale solutions to renewables integration.


EDI-Net assists in building your city’s capacity to more effectively implement sustainable energy policies. Our initiative can help monitor the implementation of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans or your city’s local Climate Protection Plans.
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