Multi-country comparison of digitisation strategies of selected EU countries - Digital Health Index for Luxembourg






Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Ministry of Health

The objective of the study was to empirically analyse the degree of digitisation of selected EU health systems, provide a comparative presentation and prepare an interpretative analysis. On this basis, conclusions and recommendations were drawn from the international comparison of digitisation strategies in the study countries. The country analyses and comparisons revealed promising options for action for the Luxembourg health system as well: How can the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg learn from other countries and their experiences in digitisation? Where does Luxembourg rank internationally in terms of digitalisation of its healthcare system? What are the underlying causes for a possible delay in digitalisation? What are the starting points as options for action to accelerate digitisation?

Building on the #SmartHealthSystems study from 2018 and the methodology and questionnaire developed in that context, an international benchmarking and digital health index was created to assess the state of digitisation of the national health system in Luxembourg. The benchmark was carried out on the basis of data collected primarily for this study from 9 EU Member States and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The results were presented in a country ranking and reflect the degree of digitisation, political activities and the actual use of health data in the countries examined.