Genomic Data Infrastructure

The GDI project is designed to support the European 1+ Million Genomes (1+MG) Initiative by driving the development, deployment and operation of sustainable data-access infrastructures to foster and maintain trust in cross-border access to highly sensitive personal data.
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EDITH fosters an inclusive Digital Twins ecosystem in European healthcare. Assessing key factors, it develops a roadmap, establishes a cloud-based repository, and designs a simulation platform framework, engaging stakeholders for a comprehensive personalised healthcare ecosystem.
Digital Health
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EOSC4Cancer integrates diverse cancer data across Europe, enhancing systems for secure sharing. This initiative involves 14 countries, focusing on genomics, imaging, medical, clinical, and socio-economic data.
Digital Health
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Procure4Health establishes the largest EU network for 350,000+ Health & Social Care procurers. With 33 partners, it focuses on a consolidated database, training, and innovative procurement projects.
Digital Health, Research & Innovation
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VALIDATE enhances acute stroke treatment with a ML-enabled clinical decision support system. Combining technical and medical expertise, the project aims to surpass clinical standards for improved patient outcomes.
Digital Health
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Label2Enable leverages ISO 82304-2 for an EU mHealth label. With a certification scheme, detailed reports, and mass communication, it seeks trust, use, and adoption. Focus on aligning with European approval processes for cross-country recognition and establishing sustainability.
Digital Health


BY-COVID unites 55 partners across 19 countries for comprehensive open data on SARS-CoV-2. Emphasizing raw viral sequences, it accelerates data access, aligns with One-Health, and integrates European infrastructures for efficient collaboration.
Digital Health
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BEAMER aims to create a disease-agnostic behavioral and adherence model for enhancing healthcare quality and accessibility. Using Real World Data, AI, and ML, it tailors to individual needs. Tested in 18 pilots across Europe, it’ll be an open-source database.
Digital Health
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iProcureSecurity PCP

iProcureSecurity PCP enhances European EMS with an innovative triage system addressing identified challenges. It ensures quick victim overviews, decision support, improved interoperability, reduced handover times, and insights for quality assurance.
Digital Health


The study will support SITRA, the Finnish Innovation Fund, in its mission to promote Finland’s competitiveness and its use of health data.
Digital Health


The study focuses on the secondary use of health data in electronic health records and highlights the regulatory and legal frameworks as well as implementation aspects in five study countries: Finland, France, Netherlands, the United Kingdom (NHS England) and Portugal.
Digital Health


INCAREHEART brings together 8 partners from public and private domain for pre-commercial procurement of ICT enabled integrated care solutions to advance health and care in patients with chronic heart failure.
Digital Health
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