iProcureSecurity PCP

Pre-Commercial Procurement of Innovative Triage Management Systems Strengthening Resilience and Interoperability of Emergency Medical Services

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Horizon 2020 (H2020)

The iProcureSecurity PCP action aims to enhance the diverse landscape of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Europe by developing an innovative triage management system. Informed by extensive prior consultations during the iProcureSecurity project, the initiative addresses the unique challenges and needs of EMS. The envisioned system will provide a quick and accurate overview of victims, decision support for resource allocation, improved interoperability with other first responders, reduced handover times between ambulances and hospitals, and valuable insights for quality assurance and training measures. Following the European Commission’s guidelines on Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP), the project will engage in a competitive process involving design, prototype, and pilot steps to contract suppliers for the creation and deployment of the triage management system. The consortium involved in the project includes buyers and additional observers and experts who actively contribute to Pan-European improvement in EMS, sharing PCP knowledge and promoting collaborative advancements in the field.