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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)

xShare project aims to empower individuals to share their health data effortlessly through the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EHRxF) with a simple click of the xShare button. By enabling data portability rights under GDPR, the European EHRxF will facilitate safe and trusted sharing of health data, fostering research and innovation in the European Health Data Space EHDS.

Coordinated by MedCom and HL7 Europe (scientific coordination), the project aligns with the EU’s Digital Decade policy program, which aims to create a human-centered, sustainable, and prosperous digital future. The European EHRxF Standards and Policy Hub, in collaboration with six key Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) and national eHealth competence centers, will work towards the development, maintenance, and adoption of EHRxF across 13 EU and EFTA member states. 

As work packages leader, empirica will develop an indicator framework to monitor the adoption and harmonization of #EEHRxF. We will closely monitor EEHRxF adoption in Member States, with a particular focus on the European Health Data Space (EHDS). We will track the progress of developments in the EHRxF Standards and Policy Hub and monitor the adoption of EEHRxF by digital health applications.