10 Regional Cluster Events on “New Curricula for e-Leadership: Delivering Skills for an Innovative and Competitive Europe” to take place throughout Europe from May 2014 onwards

It is against this background that 10 events will be organised by the European Commission in cities across the entire European Union in cities like Sofia (20 May 2014), Reading (3 June 2014), Madrid (4 May 2014), Milan (25 June 2014), Paris (6 November 2014), Munich, Aarhus (9 October 2014), Antwerp (4 September 2014) etc. Each event will be hosted by a leading university, business school or other organisation with a strong contribution to e-leadership skills development. Primarily targeted to innovative employers, CIOs and their associations, presentations will also be of great interest to universities and business schools as well as to policy-makers interested in promoting innovation.
The European Commission e-Leadership initiative focuses on the leadership needs of top decision-makers and professional leaders at larger enterprises. These leaders oversee portfolios of both well-defined and emergent innovation opportunities. Successful design and implementation requires developing and engaging highly qualified staff to realise the target value.
The objectives of the events are to:
Inform stakeholders keen to promote innovation through e-Leadership.Communicate the e-leadership Curriculum Profile and quality label approachDisseminate lessons from pilot developmentsGuide education institutions to develop e-leadership programmesEncourage employers to make use of e-leadership programme offerings
More details (agenda, online registration etc.) can be obtained here: