And they are off! INDEPENDENT Newsletter No. 3

The year 2012 has proved to be the most exciting year so far for empirica-led project INDEPENDENT – a three year pilot project for integrated eCare services. The main project achievement has been in all the pilots going live and the third issue of the project newsletter looks at the challenges and successes that led to this, and gives some early indication, ahead of the final reports, of what the pilots have discovered. Other achievements of the INDEPENDENT project in 2012 have included two papers delivered at the AAL forum in Eindhoven, the setting up of the ‘Beyond Silos’ forum, and an extensive programme of videos recorded from the pilot sites.

Read all about it in the newsletter. Now available in PDF and accessible TEN text format.

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The project defines, delivers and pilots a digital infrastructure supporting coordinated cross-sector delivery of timely support to prevent older people from slipping out of safe independent living, maintaining quality of life.
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