Brochure on ‘Acquiring e-Leadership Skills: Fostering the Digital Transformation of Europe’ released in all EU languages

The above 36-page brochure has been released and published in June 2015 addressing the topic of e-leadership and the results and achievements of the first phase of the European e-Leadership Initiative launched by the European Commission.

The brochure is available in all EU languages and can be downloaded here:

There is strong agreement about the urgency in the digital age of a joint Europe-wide effort to scale up the supply of e-leadership skills across all industrial sectors and enterprises. The brochure outlines the e-leadership challenge, describes how the initiative is responding to industry demand and elaborating on the guidelines and curriculum profiles for new curricula development to respond to these challenges helping universities and business schools to keep up with the game in this fast-changing world. It finishes with a description of the action this initiative has triggered, how European regions are taking action and ends with a set of policy recommendations comprising a comprehensive roadmap for action on e-leadership skills at all levels in the EU.