C3-Cloud final conference on tackling multimorbidity through digital health tools

The “C3-Cloud conference on tackling multimorbidity through digital health tools” took place on 28 August 2020. empirica and other C3-Cloud partners shared and discussed the latest insights from the project, which is in its final project stage.

C3-Cloud is a 4-year Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action which aims to develop personalised care plans for complex multimorbid patients supported by ICT tools and managed by a coordinated multidisciplinary team.

The main discussion in the conference revolved around how digital health tools could provide more personalised empowerment for the challenges posed by multimorbidity. Care planning for multi-morbid chronic conditions has been complex and time-consuming and therefore a widely accepted platform like C3-Cloud could help save resources (e.g. time and care costs). To make sure that the platform has a user centered design, is readily accepted, and meets the users’ expectations, a comprehensive evaluation was implemented by empirica, the main results of which were presented by Malte von Tottleben.

Malte encapsulated about four years of work in a 15-minute presentation that offered a closer look at how the evaluation has been carried out in the project. Designed and implemented in four phases, the evaluation had aimed to find out the acceptability of the use of a personalised ICT tool that facilitated coordinated care planning, optimised treatment and self-management to patients with multimorbid chronic conditions and their team of healthcare professionals. Furthermore, based on the gathered data, a budget impact analysis was developed for an understanding of significant differences in healthcare resource consumption. A monthly cost model for C3-Cloud patients to feed empirica’s ASSIST cost-benefit model was also created with some eye-opening results that could be used as a steppingstone for future projects.

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C3-Cloud established an ICT infrastructure to tackle the multimorbidity challenge, enabling a collaborative care and cure cloud to enable continuous coordination of patient-centred care activities by a multidisciplinary care team and patients/informal care givers.
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