Conference in Brussels on “The International Dimension of e-Skills and the Impact of Globalization” 26 March 2014

Despite its crucial importance and influence the ICT profession remain immature compared to others such as the legal, medical, and engineering professions, with respect to agreed bodies of knowledge, competences, standards of education and training, and ethical conduct. This manifests itself in many ways, including, for example, poor public perception of the ICT profession impacting on the numbers entering the profession and a worrying rate of ICT project failures. This represents a growing concern given the extent to which ICT increasingly pervades our lives and thereby the potential of ICT to inflict harm on society. As we now enter a new wave of pervasive computing with the realisation of the “Internet of Everything”, the extent to which ICT is embedded in society will inevitably grow. If we fail to take steps to mature the profession now, it is likely that the risks to society from ICT will grow to unacceptable levels. Further details are available at