Cradle to Cradle as an economic principle for Venlo

Antoin Scholten, mayor of the Venlo City, received a frontrunner award for the Venlo region. The C2C PII handed over this unique award to the Venlo region because of the commitment and dedication of this region to Cradle to Cradle and the vision for the future.

Read more about frontrunners of the Venlo Region, such as Vicemayor Satijn, Eric Logtens of HME and Bjorn Sandersof the C2C ExpoLAB.

Mayor Antoin Scholten of municipality of Venlo and chairman of the region Venlo commented: “The results of the cradle to cradle principals which were implemented during the floriade of 2012, are visible to the public due to the smartspaces project”.

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In SMARTSPACES, ICT-based services for public buildings have been evaluated in 11 pilots in 8 countries across Europe. Almost 600 buildings were equipped with the ICT-solution. The services are designed to evaluate the impact on overall energy consumption in public buildings.