Current practices in web accessibility monitoring across Europe: Empirical evidence presented by empirica to an international audience in Brussels

In the framework of an international expert workshop held on 20th November in Brussels, empirica presented latest evidence on current practices in web accessibility monitoring collated across 30 countries. “The general pattern emerging from this pan-European evidence base is one of huge diversity in relation to what is monitored, how it is monitored and by which party it is monitored” said Lutz Kubitschke who leads empirica’s contribution to this ambitious research endeavor. The workshop was organised on behalf of the European Commission in the framework of an ongoing study entitled “Monitoring Methodologies for Web-accessibility in the European Union”. All evidence generated throughout the study’s work programme will soon be synthesised and recommendations derived for the development of a possible pan-European monitoring approach, as proposed in the draft Directive on the accessibility of public sector bodies’ websites which was adopted by the European Commission back in 2012.

Further information on the outcomes of the expert workshop will soon be made available through the study’s web presences:

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The study analysed the evolution of the supply and demand in the last ten years to provide a robust basis for understanding the impact of the initiatives launched at EU and national level since 2008, to propose new approaches to remedy the situation.
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