DigitalHealthEurope develops recommendations on the European Health Data Space

DigitalHealthEurope, a Coordination and Support Action led by empirica, has published 32 recommendations on the emerging European Health Data Space (EHDS).

After almost two years of intense consultations with nearly 140 stakeholders and experts from diverse areas, the project developed proposals for regulatory action, policy and strategy, as well as further actions of support to enable responsible health data sharing and use. These recommendations are directed towards the envisioned EHDS, which the European Commission will define in a specific legal framework until the end of 2021. Aim of the EHDS is to facilitate the sharing and uses of Real World Health Data within and especially beyond healthcare.

In this context, DigitalHealthEurope presents 32 actionable recommendations addressing three significant transition challenges for the EHDS:

  • From privacy protection to citizen protection.
  • From “citizen as data subject” to “citizen as key change agent in the health data ecosystem”.
  • From policy and regulatory frameworks to engagement, adoption and implementation.

The DigitalHealthEurope Recommendations can be viewed here.