e-Leadership in Europe: Call for Action from stakeholders

Despite high levels of unemployment, Europe is faced with a significant shortage of the people capable of leading innovation to capitalise on advances in information and communication technologies (ICT). Economic growth relies on digital innovation and transformation of businesses and this requires more and better leadership. E-leadership skills enable people to lead staff towards identifying and designing new business models and making best use of ICT and delivering value to their organisations. Equipping Europe’s workforce and citizens with e-skills are fundamental for success of the Digital Single Market.
Concrete pan-European guidelines for e-leadership curricula development have been produced. They include the definition of e-leadership skill sets in curriculum profiles enabling advanced teaching content using the latest research. They are based on industry requirements and best practices. The application of the guidelines has been successfully demonstrated. Ten regional cluster events have been organised in 2014 mobilising over 1200 experts across Europe. Many stakeholders have contributed to this initiative and suggest the creation of national coalitions to help scaling up efforts.

Senior representatives from governments, industry, NGOs and academia across Europe call for further action to increase Europe’s digital talent pool and the number of e-leadership skilled individuals. They have drawn up this call for action to promote e-leadership in Europe.

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