e-Leadership study from empirica, INSEAD and IDC Europe finds great potential for sustainable job creation

30 April 2013 – The initiative, called the “e-Leadership Vision Project”, was launched by the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission in January 2012.

The goals were to provide rigorous evidence about how Europe’s supply and demand for information and communications technology (ICT) skills is evolving under different socioeconomic scenarios and to develop a shared and coherent vision on e-leadership to anticipate change and facilitate dialogue between policy makers and stakeholders at the European and national levels. The ultimate objective is to increase the European talent pool and to reduce e-skills shortages, gaps and mismatches in Europe.

These insights are now available in the published final report at It includes a vision on the future evolution of the supply and demand together with recommendations for a long term agenda for actions at EU and national level (2012-2020). Werner Korte, CEO of empirica, said that “governments and all stakeholders should be even more active with respect to taking actions that close the e-skills gap. Our work on this project aims to produce tangible outcomes that complement the few existing, long-term e-skills strategies””such as the EU’s ‘Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs’.”

Information generated, which included a high-profile conference hosted by INSEAD on 5 February 2013, will help the European Commission and Member States prepare policy dialogue among stakeholders at the EU and national levels.

The European Commission already launched a Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs on 4 March 2013

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