empirica at International Autumn School on Health Law and Bioethics in Spain

This autumn, on 6-8 November, the 5th International Autumn School on Health Law & Bioethics, an international academic gathering, took place in the city of Santander, Spain, and was hosted by Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (Menéndez Pelayo International University). This year’s topic was New Trends in Health Systems & Patients’ Rights. Stakeholders from a wide variety of fields – from legal practitioners to representatives of government and academics: participated, from both the European Union and North America.

Discussions were concerned with such crucial topics as the ever increasing role of Information and communications technologies in health care systems, patient data protection and other patient rights, innovative public health and health system policy developments. As the name of the event indicates, all topics were mostly analysed through the legal lens.

Arturs Mietulis MD, MPH, LL.M cand. presented on empirica experience as well as its ongoing research and innovation projects focusing on Digital Health policies, person-centred care and the digital transformation of health and care systems.

Throughout the years, these Health Law and Bioethics gatherings have become a platform for life-long education in the field of bioethics, as well as forum for fruitful collaboration and further development of the field.

The gathering was organized by IDIVAL (Valdecilla Health Research Institute).