empirica Co-authors report on Re- and Upskilling in the Post-COVID Era

Upskilling and Reskilling in the Post-Covid Era: Fostering New Services and Jobs Creation: 3 scenarios for 2030

COVID-19 pandemic made the urgent necessity for upskilling and reskilling of workforce especially evident. Subsequently, policymakers at EU need to work efficiently with all relevant stakeholder groups in order to provide Europe with skills of future by 2030.

The final report of Skills of Industry has been authored by Tobias Hüsing, Werner B. Korte, Carola Schulz and Alexander Cuartas-Acosta from empirica together with Yassi Moghaddam, Jim Spohrer from International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP), Laurent Probst from PwC Luxembourg

Special thanks to all the skills and service science experts for providing their great input!

Download the report: