empirica joining the dots between EU research and innovation projects

On 27th and 28th of November 2019, in Brussels, Belgium the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) organised a conference entitled “Joining the dots” to make a powerful impact for more person-centred health and care, optimised research and Learning Health Systems through the reuse of better data.

The conference gathered seven leading European initiatives with the aim of exchanging use cases, insights, successes and challenges.

Two empirica projects took part in “Joining the dots”: DigitalHealthEurope and C3-Cloud.

DigitalHealthEurope contributed with multi-stakeholder expertise to help shape actionable policy recommendations for the digital transformation of health and care in Europe. The main goal was to finalise a list of calls to action for European Health Ministries. The list was presented to the members of the eHealth Network during the second day of the conference.

DigitalHealthEurope consortium partners and experts took part in three of the six parallel sessions. The afternoon sessions on the 28th focused on how EHR systems could be adapted to guide clinicians and patients to manage multi-morbidity, followed by demonstrations of C3-Cloud’s clinician and patient solutions.

Discover the exciting conference programme here.

i~HD in collaboration with ongoing EC funded projects (DigitalHealthEurope, C3 Cloud, Trillium II, eHAction, EHDEN and EHR2EDC)

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DigitalHealthEurope provides comprehensive support to the Digital Health and Care Innovation initiative in the context of the Digital Single Market Strategy. The project’s approach involves a number of actions that will boost innovation and advance the DTHC.
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