empirica launches survey to define the services of the European mHealthHub

Leading the development of the European mHealthHub’s service portfolio, empirica, together with i~HD and EHTEL, are conducting a broad validation of the business model through an online survey. The purpose of the survey is to identify demand-driven services for the mHealth stakeholders, to understand the needs and preferences of a variety of stakeholders in the current mHealth ecosystem, and to uncover financial mechanisms that could lead to a self-sustainable Hub in the future. The survey will run from January 19 to February 19 2021.

We are inviting all mHealth enthusiasts to fill in the survey:

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The European mHealth Hub is a first-of-a-kind knowledge centre for mHealth implementations in the European region, established by the WHO and ITU and implemented by a consortium of 18 partners led by the Andalusian Health Services.
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