empirica leads innovation and project management in new AI project for stroke prediction

empirica is part of the consortium of PRECISE4Q: Personalised Medicine by Predictive Modelling in Stroke for better Quality of Life.

The project has had its official start on 1 May 2018. and sets out to minimise the burden of stroke for the individual and for society. It will create multi-dimensional data-driven predictive models enabling: for the first time: personalised stroke treatment, addressing patients’ needs in four stages: prevention, acute treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration into work and active life.

PRECISE4Q will lead to a better understanding of risk, health and resilience factors. It will support patients throughout their life-long journey through personalised strategies for their specific needs.
empirica will support the project with socioeconomic modelling and innovation management as work package leader, in order to ensure the sustainable impact and exploitation of PRECISE4Q. Moreover, empirica will be responsible with overseeing the implementation of the project’s management, communication and outreach strategies.

Coordinator: Charité: Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Consortium: empirica, Dublin Institute of Technology, EHT Zürich, University of Tartu, Institut Guttmann, Linköping University, Medical University of Graz, DFKI, AOK Nordost, QMenta

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Precise4Q sets out to minimize the burden of stroke for individuals and society via personalized medicine by predictive modelling in stroke for a better quality of life.
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