empirica leads new study on scaling up EIP on AHA

As of December 2015, empirica is carrying out a study on “Support to scaling up of innovations in Active and Healthy Ageing” (Scale-AHA) in close cooperation with EuroRec and EUREGHA.

The objective of the study is to accelerate innovative approaches and practices in Active and Healthy Ageing in Europe. The study will consider scaling-up needs potential and opportunities as well as evidence from successful practices in pioneering regions so far. A clear analysis of drivers for innovation and relevant tools and methodologies will also contribute to producing a matching framework that will enable innovative regions to share and exchange knowledge with aspiring regions.

This complex process will be initiated in the form of dedicated mentoring meetings for exchanging knowledge, materials and experiences. Twenty such meetings will take place over the course of this study and will serve as the basis for establishing a community on scaling up innovations, meant to inform and develop policy recommendations at EU-level.

The scaling up relies upon the co-ordinated action of a number of different stakeholders: European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) partners, Reference Sites (RS), other national/regional/local organisations and ecosystems, spanning the healthcare, social care, health ICT and finance sectors.

The results of this study are to be disseminated to the wider public and to political leaders with a view to increasing the levels of EU and Member State commitment, investment, implementation and availability of innovative services. More information will be made available in due time on the study’s official website.